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Pack and Shelf Testing

The importance of packaging and visual equity in influencing the consumer’s decision to purchase is critical in our cluttered retail environment.

shelf2Find out which brands grab attention and why

Our eye tracking studies allow you to see precisely what shoppers see and miss as they consider displays, product types and individual packages at the point of sale (POS).

Eye tracking can be incorporated into Pack and Shelf testing to provide insights including:

  • The visibility of different packaging concepts in different surroundings
  • What particular aspects of packaging attracts attention and what fails
  • The extent to which brands are recognised
  • What aspects of packaging influences buying decisions

Click here to see video samples of shoppers browsing shelves

eyetracker can conduct live testing of packaging and shelf displays. We can also provide simulations in test environments with physical mocked-up aisles and shelves. We also test in virtual environments including online, screen-based and immersive 3D.

Stand alone or fully integrated

Our services can be provided as an individual study or easily integrated into other market research to complement the work and provide a greater degree of understanding.

Contact Us today to discuss how eye tracking can help optimise your package design.