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Eye tracking comes of age with ten year milestone for Dr Peter Brawn

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Since pioneering eye tracking research services to Australian businesses in 2001, Dr Peter Brawn, has kept very much at the forefront of this research discipline.

Having opened the doors of his own eye tracking business, eyetracker, in 2007, Dr Brawn has introduced the eye tracking to a large number of businesses and formed alliances with highly respected research firms.

“While eye tracking technology has been around for over 30 years, the time consuming nature of the analysis had put this kind of study out of the reach of many brand managers in Australia”, said Dr Brawn.

“Today of course, with the new levels of analysis sophistication, the accuracy and speed of delivering eye tracking insights means that eye tracking research is becoming mainstream and a standard practice in all forms of market research.”

From website usability to market research studies, eyetracker has successfully demonstrated which aspects of websites or advertising materials grab attention and get remembered and which ones don’t, helping guide critical business and marketing decisions.

eyetracker is being involved in an increasing number of website usability studies. Recent work on retail banking sites involved assessing the way online customers scan websites for product information, offers and prices. These research insights were used to drive website redesign and content strategies.

With eyetracker, it’s not all lab work. eyetracker is completing more live shopper studies using ASL’s revolutionary Mobile Eye to measure the behaviour of individuals in real environments as they navigate and interact in real time.

Headquartered in North Sydney, eyetracker has a highly qualified team with state of the art technology and facilities that include a pack and shelf testing lab, where eye tracking is being used to guide decisions on new products and package redesign. Available to research organisations, this facility can be used to understand how well a package stands out compared to other packages on the shelf in a store environment.

For more information on eyetracker, call Peter Brawn on 1300 85 32 02.