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New GazeMap software accelerates dynamic eye tracking collection and analysis

The release of ASL’s brand new analysis software, GazeMap, is revolutionising the collection of eye movement data as well as accelerating data processing.

Designed in conjunction with Bristol University’s Department of Computer Science, the new analysis program facilitates ease of data collection and coding from the Mobile Eye, with a unique 3-D analysis of the gaze – something previously not possible. The data can be interpreted and analysed quickly and efficiently.

GazeMap effectively defines areas of interest on a static environment and cuts down analysis time exponentially, helping solve the problem of analysing large volumes of dynamic video data. Where typical data analysis may take up to 10x the length of the video, GazeMap completes the same analysis with just a 30 minute setup process followed by a completely automated processing function.

As Australia’s leading exponent of eye tracking software and technology products, eyetracker’s senior consultant, Peter Brawn observed, “The data analysis capabilities really are something else. Using GazeMap, researchers and designers can collect data about eye movements and what people are looking at during routine tasks such as shopping or browsing in stores, dramatically reducing the time needed to analyse and interpret this data.”

GazeMap software has the potential to open up eye tracking research to a whole new market because of its efficiencies.

“It’s really interesting to see what big brands are doing overseas with GazeMap and I’m so excited about bringing this technology to the Australian market. As well as shopper insight studies, the software could also be applied to research in other fields including sports, reading, safety and training – the possibilities are endless,” commented Dr Brawn.

For more information or to see a demonstration of GazeMap in action, call eyetracker on 1300 85 35 02.